3 more arrested for staged auto accident scenes

LAS VEGAS - Three more people were arrested for allegedly staging accident scenes to steal from unsuspecting victims. Robert Mitchell, 31, and Dorina Mitchell, 36, were booked into the Clark County Detention Center. 

The third suspect is a juvenile, so that person's identity wasn't released.

The first group of individuals nabbed in this case were caught in August.  Police said Amanda Miller, 19, Barbara Miller, 38, and Sophia Nicholas, 28, would work in a group of up to five "gypsies," all in one vehicle, and target older women alone in another vehicle.

Metro Police said it was first alerted to the scheme in Dec. 2016. Detectives at other area commands in the Metro’s jurisdiction started getting reports of possible staged accident scenes where the victims ended up getting items stolen from them.

As Metro looked into the claims for several months, detectives were able to identify more than 35 cases that appeared to be related.

An arrest report said the suspects would signal for the driver to pull over, and once the victim pulled over, they were told they had hit the suspect’s vehicle, so they needed to exchange information. 

According to Metro, the suspects would try to distract the victim and steal items from their car or cause damage to the victim's car to prove there was an accident.

Metro said the suspects would attempt to get a cash settlement from the victim on the spot. In one case, the suspects coerced the victim into driving them to her home where they stole cash she removed from her safe.