I-Team: Convicted pimp gets attorneys for appeal case

LAS VEGAS - A convicted pimp serving a life sentence in a Nevada prison has a pair of heavyweight attorneys now working on his appeal.

On Tuesday, in district court, defense attorneys Michael Cristalli and Janiece Marshall were formally appointed to handle the appeal filed by Ocean Fleming, who was sentenced to a life term for pandering, kidnapping, and other charges a few years ago.

Fleming's appeal is based in part on allegations that the vice detective who led the investigation against him --former Metro cop Chris Baughman -- is now the target of an FBI investigation. As the I-Team has reported, Baughman is suspected of having sexual relationships with several prostitutes who later became key witnesses in the prosecutions of a number of high-profile Las Vegas sex traffickers.

The new lawyers have yet to meet with the client, but lawyer Michael Cristalli is familiar with the case because he already represents another defendant, Arma Izadi, who was targeted by the same vice detective but later had most of his charges dropped.

The FBI has not confirmed that it is investigating Baughman and no charges have been filed.