Lawmakers celebrate 4/20 on Twitter

LAS VEGAS - April 20th is also known as "Weed Day" since the date, 4/20, corresponds with a numerical code for marijuana.

While the origination of 420 becoming a code for marijuana is hard to nail down, people all over celebrate marijuana on this day.

In 2016, Nevada voters approved a law to legalize recreational marijuana in the Silver State.  That might be why Nevada lawmakers are getting into the 420 spirit today.

According to Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, Senator Tick Segerblom is passing out brownies to his colleagues today:


Tick Segerblom has been a long time proponent of legalized marijuana. To honor him, local medical marijuana dispensary Euphoria Wellness named a strain after him: the Segerblom Haze.

Congresswoman Dina Titus is also wishing her constituents a "Happy 420":


Of course, Tick Segerblom himself had something to say as well: