Metro officer turns the tables on alleged stalker

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas man is facing several charges for allegedly violating a stalking harassment protection order.

Hermes "Rob" Diaz was arrested on Aug. 31 and is facing 10 counts.

According to his arrest report, his former girlfriend filed and received a Temporary Protection Order after the two ended their relationship in May 2017 and Diaz kept showing up at the same places as the woman and her children. When the woman would call police, Diaz would manage to be gone before officers arrived.

A Las Vegas Metro Police detective found a GPS tracking device on the woman's car, removed it, and attached it to his patrol vehicle. The detective then parked in a parking garage. A short while later, Diaz drove into the garage and toward the patrol car, but once he noticed it was an officer, he attempted to leave at a high rate of speed, the report said.

Diaz was placed under arrest.

He told police he was distraught over the breakup and only wanted to talk to his former girlfriend. He said, he had no intention of hurting her.

Police did find a another GPS tracker, binoculars and an iPhone with a police scanner App. in Diaz's car.

According to the report, Diaz admitted he planned to place a new tracker on the former girlfriend's car. Also, the scanner allowed him to know when police had been called to other events so he could leave before they arrived.