New video released of hammer attack on decoy mannequin used to catch suspect

LAS VEGAS - Video from an attack on a mannequin used in a police sting to catch a suspected killer was released Thursday.  The eye-opening video shows the suspect, Shane Schindler, hitting what he thinks is a homeless person with a hammer. 

However, Schindler didn't know what he was hitting was a decoy.  In February, Metro Police staged the mannequin to look like someone sleeping on a street downtown after two homeless men were murdered.

The mannequin had boots, a hoodie and was covered with a blanket.  Metro mounted a camera in the area, and it caught the entire attack on tape.

Metro says the video shows 30-year old Schindler hitting the head of the mannequin multiple times with what appears to be a hammer.

However, after striking the dummy, the suspect didn't get a reaction, so he quickly walked away, and Metro Police moved in with guns drawn and arrested Schindler.

The two homeless men who were murdered were found beaten to death in the same area.

The arrest report said the decoy mannequin was staged in a manner that would have made it impossible for anyone to know it wasn't a human being before it was struck.
Schindler is now facing attempted murder as well as a concealed weapon charge.  He's pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to go to trial in August.

Schindler told officers that he knew it was a mannequin and not a person laying on the ground.