Metro Police investigating double homicide near Washington & H Street


Metro Police are investigating a double homicide near Washington and H Street.

Around 11:00 p.m. Officers responded to reports of a shooting at downtown Las Vegas.

When they arrived to the scene they found a man and woman dead inside a house.

Investigators believes that two male suspects came inside the house arguing about drugs, which ended with the suspects shooting and killing both the man and woman.

Both suspects got away after the shooting.

Another man was inside the home and was shot in both hands during the shooting, but he ran a few blocks down on McWilliams Avenue and H Street.

Police were able to find him and called EMS to send him to Universal Medical Center.

Metro's gang unit said that the two suspects maybe gang members.

The victims names has not yet been released.


**so asically-- there were three people inside the home, when two male suspects came inside.. there was a commotion, said the two male suspects were yelling about drugs.. followed by the shooting ... the man with gunshot wounds to the hands took off running down the street and was found a couple blocks over.