Suspect wanted for more than 20 burglaries in SW Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Metro Police are on high alert after a string of home burglaries in southwest Las Vegas. Startling surveillance video sent to 8 News Now shows who may be behind the crimes.

"When I see that video and I think when all viewers see that video, they're going to be shocked," Metro Public Information Officer Larry Hadfield said. "I think it really goes to show what type of person you're dealing with."

Surveillance video catches the moments a stranger makes his way into a home with a flashlight in one hand and a gun in the other.

The man rummages through the apartment taking whatever he can find. The video also discloses that the suspect may be talking to someone else outside. Police believe they could be dealing with many accomplices involved in a ring.

"What we're looking at right now is over 20," Hadfield said.

Metro Police says more than 20 incidents have occurred all along the 215 Beltway near Durango Drive, Stephanie Street, and Flamingo Road. Detectives are also making a plea to the public hoping the suspects distinct tattoos may lead to an arrest.

"When you see a crime like this occurring, I think it should put a chill in your spine," Hadfield added. “With a group of individuals, if they're coordinated and they have some sort of planning, they're out there as a team."

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported in these burglaries, but police say it's only a matter of time.