Trainer: Some officers explore extra training outside of department

LAS VEGAS - What kind of training do local police get?  That question was raised when a local man died after he was placed in a choke hold by an officer outside the Venetian Hotel.

According to Metro Police, the rear-naked choke hold used by  Officer Kenneth Lopera on Tashii Brown is not a part of the training its officers receive.  But it turns out the officers have access to other ways to train outside of the department.

Shannon Langwell isn't a police officer, but he does train them at a studio called Nomad Krav Maga. He uses the Krav Maga technique in his training.  Krav Maga is an Israeli form of martial arts and self-defense.

"Techniques build on instinctual responses and respond with aggressive attacks," said Langwell.

According to Langwell, he offers police-specific training.

"It teaches officers through training how to respond and make decisions under stress," Langwell said.

Langwell says his studio help officers stay up to speed when they're not doing and learning official department training.

But, the encounter between Officer Lopera and Brown has brought the issue of 'all' training into question.

Specifically, the choke hold Lopera admitted to using, which once again was a rear naked choke.

After Metro had said Wednesday in a news conference that the rear naked choke was not a part of their technique, certified law enforcement instructors agreed that no academy would teach that move.

Langwell agreed.  He said he wouldn't teach the move because this kind of training is outside the department.  However, Langwell said it doesn't mean it teaches bad habits.
"The more training you get, the more in control you are of your own actions, the more able you are to stay calm under stress," Langwell said.

Metro is one of the few departments in Nevada that allows officers to use certain forms of choke holds on suspects.
However, police have to be trained.  Those records are audited at least once a year.

According to state inspectors, Metro follows guidelines.