Crime Tracker: New app, 'Neighbors,' is the new Neighborhood Watch

LAS VEGAS - A new app called 'Neighbors' is helping residents better protect their homes. Some people are calling it the new Neighborhood Watch.

The app lets residents post photos, videos, and texts on a map of their neighborhood. 

Ken Cochman shared a video of an incident that took place at his home near Charleston Blvd. and Sky Vista Dr.  In the video, two men could be seen jumping over a wall before trying to break into his home. 

"They ripped a stick out of the ground that was holding one of our plants up, and one of them actually looked right into the camera and was knocking the camera off," Cochman said. "So, we had their faces cold on the video."

Cochman also posted the video on Facebook where it was viewed more than 98,000 times. 

"Other people in the community were chiming in," said Cochman.  "One guy said 'that kid is wearing my backpack that he stole out of my truck with my wallet yesterday.'"

William Stutz uses a similar app called Nextdoor. Nextdoor is a private social network for neighborhoods. 

"When we first moved in 6 years ago, there wasn't a huge amount of communication between the neighbors," Stutz said. 

Through his security system, Stutz saw a woman stealing a package from his front door. He posted it on Nextdoor. 

"I figured that if this person is taking packages off my porch, they might be following the truck or looking for other houses that have packages out."

He is one of thousands using different social networks to help protect their neighborhoods.

"It seems like in the good areas, there's not a lot of police presence because they're needed elsewhere and there are not enough people on the force to really accommodate all of the neighborhoods," Cochman said. "So, when you have a security system like this, it just makes it very easy to be able to put the word out especially in our neighborhood and just make people aware of what's going on." 

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